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Sunday, December 4, 2016


Gudlavalleru Engineering College Question Paper
Code No: PH1501
I B. Tech I Semester Supplementary Examinations, May 2015
(Common to Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering & Mechanical Engineering)
Time: 3 Hours
Max. Marks: 60
Note: All Questions from Part A are to be answered at one place. Answer any Four Questions from Part B
PART-A 6 × 2 = 12 M
1. Give the conditions for constructive and destructive interferences.
2. Calculate the numerical aperture and hence acceptance angle for an optical fibre whose core and cladding has refractive index of 1.59 and 1.40 respectively.
3. Define (a) Coordination number (b) Packing fraction
4. What is Meissner effect.
5. Write the expression for electrical conductivity of an intrinsic semiconductor.
6. Calculate velocity and kinetic energy of an electron having wavelength of 0.21 nm.


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