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EC2305 Transmission Lines and Waveguides Nov Dec 2014 Past Exam Paper

Anna University Chennai B.E ECE 05th Semester EC2305 EC6503 Transmission Lines and Waveguides Nov Dec 2014 Past Exam Paper Free Download

Anna University Chennai
Question Paper Code: 91409
Fifth Semester
Electronics and Communication Engineering
EC2305 Transmission Lines and Waveguides
(Regulations 2008/2010)
Time: Three Hours
Maximum: 100 Marks
Question Paper Type: Past Exam Papers
Note: New Subject Code in R-2013 is EC6503

Answer ALL questions.
PART A (10 x 2 = 20 marks)
1. What is constant K filter? Why it is called prototype filter section?
2. A prototype LPF is to be designed which must have Ro = 600 n, fc = 1 KHz. Find filter elements [L and C].
3. Define wavelength of the line.
4. What is the significance of reflection coefficient?
5. List parameters of the open wire line at high frequencies.
(See the Attachment)
8. State the significance of dominant mode of propagation.
9. A rectangular wave guide with a 5 em x 2 em cross is used to propagate TM11 mode at 10 GHz. Determine the cut off wave length.
10. Mention the applications of resonant cavities.


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