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Sunday, October 9, 2016

EE2254 Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications Nov Dec 2010 Question Paper

Anna University Chennai
Question Paper Code : 53139
Third Semester in R-2013 / Fourth Semester in R-2008
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
EE2254 Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications
(Common to Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering and Instrumentation and Control Engineering)
(Regulation 2008)
Time : Three hours
Maximum : 100 marks

Note: New Subject Code in R-2013 is EE6303

Answer ALL Questions
PART A — (10 × 2 = 20 Marks)
1. Give the difference between monolithic and hybrid ICs.
2. What is lithography?
3. Give the ideal characteristics of operational amplifier and give its equivalent circuit.
4. Draw the circuit diagram of an integrator and give its output equation.
5. Draw the circuit diagram of an op-amp based positive clipper
6. Which is the fastest ADC and why?
7. List the applications of NE 565.
8. Draw the relation between the capture range and lock range relationship in a PLL.
9. How will you increase the output of a general purpose op-amp?
10. Using LM380 draw the circuit for audio power amplifier.


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