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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

SPU B.Com Commerce UB01CCOH01 Management for Managers April 2016 Question Paper

B. Com. (Hon.) (I Semester) Examination
Saturday, 23rd April, 2016
2.30 - 4.30 pm
Management for Managers
Total Marks: 60

Q.1 (a) Define "Management" differently. Explain significance & functions in brief. (08)
(b) Define "Planning". Explain process of planning in detail. (07)
Q.1 (a) Explain Planning as Decision Making . (08)
(b) Write on Components of plans. (07)

Q.2 (a) Explain functional type of organization structure. (08)
(b) Centralization and Decentralization of Authority- Write a note on it. (07)
Q.2 (a) Write on Meaning and elements of delegation. (08)
(b) Write on line >and line-staff organization structure. (07)

Q.3 Write on :
(a) Herzberg Theory on Motivation . (08)
(b) Autocratic & Democratic styles of Leadership. (07)
(a) Concept of Communication and Barriers to effective communication . (08)
(b) Importance of Process of Control. (07)

Q.4 Explain Organization and Natural Environment with reference to 21st Century Management. (15)
Q.4 Write Notes On :
(a) Social Responsibilities & Ethics (08)
(b) Globalization and Management. (07)

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