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CY2161 Engineering Chemistry-II May June 2013 Question Paper

Anna University Chennai Old Question Paper 2013 B.E 01st Year
Question Paper Code : 21326
Second Semester
Civil Engineering
CY 2161/CY 24/080010002 ­ ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY ­ II
Common to all branches (Except Marine Engineering)
Regulation 2008
Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks
Answer ALL questions.
PART A ­ (10x2=20 marks)
1. Define electrode potential.
2. What is a reference electrode?
3. What is corrosion? What are its types?
4. What is electroless plating?
5. What is knocking?
6. What are the desirable characteristics of metallurgical coke?
7. What is an eutectic system?
8. Give the composition and use of brass and bronze.
9. State Beer Lambert’s law.
10. What is a finger print?

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