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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bharathidasan University B.Sc CS Software Engineering April 2016 Question Paper

University: Bharathidasan University
Course: B.Sc Computer Science (Honours)
Time: 3 Hrs.                                                                                                    
SECTION-A (10 × 2 =20 marks)
Answer all questions:
1. Define Software Engineering.
2. Give the reasons for developing a prototype.
3. Write the purpose of transition tables.
4. Name any two factors that influence software cost.
5. What is the significance of sequential cohesion?
6. Sate any two characteristics of a software module.
7. Mention the primary goal of implementation.
8. Give example for supporting documents.
9. Define Quality assurance.
10. Write any two topics that are included in a software quality assurance plan.

SECTION-B (5 × 5 =25 marks)
Answer all questions:
11. a) Describe the phased life – cycle model. (or)
    b) Compare the characteristics of various programming team structures.
12. a) Elaborate Delphi cost estimation. (or)
    b) List the various relational notations and explain any two.
13. a) What is coupling between modules? What are its types? Explain (or)
     b) Discuss the role of HIPO diagrams and structured flow- chart in software design.
14. a) Write a note on ‘Standards and guidelines’.  (or)
    b) Explain how to maintain program unit notebooks.
15. a) Discuss the importance of Unit testing. (or)
    b) What are the activities involved in system testing? Briefly explain.

SECTION-C (3 × 10 =30 marks)
Answer any THREE questions:
16. Describe the factors that influence software quality and productivity.
17. Discuss the format and contents of a software requirements specification.
18. What are the fundamental design concepts? Explain.
19. Elaborate the do and don’ts of good coding style.
20. How are walk thoughts and inspections conducted? Explain.

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