Friday, August 5, 2016

Uttarakhand Open University BA Environmental Studies 2015 Question Paper

Uttarakhand Open University Question Papers
Roll No. ....................................
1st Yr/2nd Yr/2nd Sem/4th Sem, Examination-2015
FES 10
Environmental Studies
Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks : 60
Note : This paper is of sixty (60) marks divided into three (03) sections A, B, and C. Attempt the questions contained in these sections according to the detailed instructions given therein.

Section - A
(Long Answer Type Questions
Note : Section 'A' contains four (04) long-answer-type questions of fifteen (15) marks each. Learners are required to answer any two (02) questions only. (2×15=30)

1. What do you understand by environmental studies ? Discuss its multidisciplinary nature and importance. Also discuss the need of public awareness.


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