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MGU B.Tech CS010604 Computer Networks 2015 Question Paper

Name of University: Mahatma Gandhi University
Year of Exam: May 2015 Question Paper
Course: B.Tech
Semester: 6
Language: English
Subject: Computer Networks
Course: Computer Science and Engineering
Subject Code: CS 010 604
Time Duration: 3:00 hours
Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 40

Part A [5*3=15 marks]

What is meant by the bandwidth and throughput of a network ? Write down the relation between the bandwidth and throughput.

Explain any one byte oriented framing protocol.

Describe the concept of source routing.

Draw the structure of TCP header and explain the purpose of the individual fields.

Write short notes on peer to peer networks.

Part B [5*5=25 marks]

Explain the significance of delay bandwidth product of a networks in detail.

Write brief notes on Bluetooth networks.

What is the role of a bridge in a network ? Describe the concept of a learning bridge.

Explain the adaptive transmission mechanism used in TCP.

Write brief notes on the SNMP protocol.

Part C [5*12=60 marks]

Write detailed notes on salient features of a layered network architecture. Explain the ISO OSI network architecture.

Describe the various requirements that need to be satisfied by a computer network in detail.

Explain the different ARQ mechanisms used to ensure reliable transmission of data in a network.

Write detailed notes on the characteristics of 802.3 Ethernet.

Describe the distance vector routing algorithm in detail.

What is an internetwork ? Explain the service model of the Internet Protocol.

Write detailed notes on the Remote Procedure Call mechanism.

Explain the various methods used by TCP for congestion control.

Explain the functioning of HTTP in detail.

Write detailed notes on the concept of the Domain Name System.
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