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University of Mumbai B.Com Foundation Course Paper I 2015 Question Paper

University of Mumbai Question Paper
Course : First Year B.Com
Subject: Foundation Course Paper I
Exam Year: 2015-16
Con. 76-16. (REVISED COURSE) DT-4532
( 3 Hours ) [ Total Marks : 100
N.B. : (1) Attempt any three questions fi-om Q. Nos. 1 to 5 from Section I.
(2) Attempt any three question from Q. Nos. 7 to 11 from Section 11.
(3) Question No. 6 in Section I is compulsory.
(4) Question No. 12 in Sections II is compulsory.
(5) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
(6) Both the sections should be written in the same answer book.
Section I
1. Explain in detail the aspects of rural society in India.
2. What is Patriarchy ? Explain any five social problems of women in patriarchal society. 12
3. What is linguism ? Describe the main features of linguistic conflicts in India 12
4. Explain the salient features of the constitution of India. 12
5. Discuss the characteristics of political parties in India 12
6. Write short notes on the following (my two) :-
(a) Controlling measure of smoking.
(b) AIDS awareness.
(c) Effects of child labor.
(d) ThfEcking of women.
Section TI
7. Define globalization and discuss its effects on agriculture sector. 12
8. Broadly class$ the articles of the Univd Declaration of Human Rights. Bring out the sigdicance 12
of the Universal Declaration.
9. Discuss the structure and functions of Ecosystem. 12
10. Describe the various agents of socialization and its role in developing individual personality. 12
11. Explain in detail Maslow's theory of self-aclmhation. 12
12. Write short notes on the following (any two) :-
(a) Health and sanitation.
(b) Genetically -modified crops.
(c) Human right violations due to development projects.
d Crime among vnukhs.


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