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Thursday, July 28, 2016

NOU BBA Strategic Management 2015 Exam Paper

Nalanda Open University
Annual Examination - 2015
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Part-II
Paper-VIII (Strategic Management)
Time: 3.00 Hrs. Full Marks: 80
Answer any Five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. What is strategic management? Explain its different levels.

2. What do you understand by merger and acquisition strategy? Discuss its merits and demerits.

3. What is corporate strategy? Differentiate between offensive and defensive strategy.

4. Describe the external components of business environment.

5. Discuss the importance of strategic evaluation and strategic control.

6. What is personnel policy? Explain the characteristics of a good personnel policy.

7. Explain in detail the features of strategic management.

8. What is Benchmarking? Discuss its characteristics.

9. Discuss the issues which are taken into consideration while formulating production and operation strategy. Describe.

10. What is strategy implementation? Discuss its different aspects. 

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