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IGNOU BBA BRS-013 Retail Human Resources June 2015 Question Paper

University Name: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Course: Bachelor of Business Administration
Specialization: Management
Question Paper Subject Code and Name: BRS-013 Retail Human Resources
Exam Type: Term End Examination (TEE)
Year of Exam: June 2015
Time: 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 100

No. of Printed Pages : 3 BRS-013 I
Term-End Examination
June, 2015
Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100
Note : Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. HRM is a comprehensive, cost-effective HR solution for small to medium sized businesses operating in a single country. Explain and elucidate with the help of an example in a retail industry perspective. 20
2. Discuss the important role of employer — employee relationship in retail sector. Also elaborate some of its key limitations. 20
3. Efficient and effective management of "human capital" progressed to an increasingly imperative
and complex process. Explain and elucidate with the help of an example. 20
4. What do you mean by recruitment ? How does the recruitment and selection in retail industry differ from conventional industry ? 20
5. Distinguish between the following : 10+10=20
(a) Training and Learning
(b) Job specification and Job description
6. Explain the following acronyms : 4x5=20
(a) eHRM
(b) CRM
(c) HRP
(d) OD
7. Briefly comment on any two of the following : 10+10=20
(a) Human resource management function involves the recruitment, placement, evaluation, compensation and development of the employees of an organisation.
(b) The training module provides a system for organisations to administer and track employee training and development efforts.
(c) Many organisations have gone beyond the traditional functions and developed human resource management information system.
8. Write short notes on any two of the following : 10+10=20
(a) Performance Record
(b) Employee Self-service
(c) Scheduling


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