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Basic Science Applied to Patient Care (Introduction to Human body) (DPCA-01) July 2012 Question Paper

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University
Term End Examination July-2012
Course: Diploma in Patient Care Assistant (DPCA)
Roll No. ____________________
Subject : Basic Science Applied to Patient Care (Introduction to Human body) (DPCA-01)
Date: 07/07/2012
Time: 11.00 to 2.00
Total Marks: 70

Q.1 Define the following question (Any Five) (10)
1. Physiology.
2. Platelets.
3. The Valves.
4. Duramater.
5. Eyelids.
6. Harmones.
Q.2 Answer the following question (Any Five) (20)
1. Autonomic nervous system.
2. Occular muscles.
3. Mechanism of sight.
4. Teeth, Oesophagus, Intertinal juice & their functions.
5. Composite of blood.
6. Prostate gland, Mention the organs of the Male Reproductive system.
Q.3 Explain tissue in details. (10)
Explain CNS in details.
Q.4 Explain the heart & its structure with figure. (12)
Explain uterus in details.
Q.5 Write down the following short notes. (Any Three) (12)
1. Classification of joints.
2. CSF.
3. Organ of the respiratory Systems.
4. Mechanism of ears.
Q.6 Fill in the blanks. (06)
1. The ___________ collects the blood from the head, neck & upper membrane.
2. _________ is a clear watery fluid.
3. The _________ is large in infant.
4. The _________ is innermost nervous coat of eyeball.
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