Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mass Media and Society NOU PGDJMC 2015 Question Paper

Nalanda Open University
Annual Exam-2015 Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication (PGDJMC)
Paper-II (Mass Media and Society)
Time: 3.00 Hrs. 
Full Marks: 80
Answer any Five Questions. All questions carry equal marks.
Question Paper Description: Post Graduate Diploma Journalism and Mass Communication Nalanda Open University Annual Exam-2015 (PGDJMC) Paper-II (Mass Media and Society) Question Paper

1. Discuss the salient features of Indian society in context of history of communication.

2. Discuss the concept of 'Sadharanikaran' as the basis of Indian communication theory.

3. How can greater media access being about social change? Cite relevant examples and discuss?

4. Describe the role of media in women empowerment in Indian context.

5. Define Development. Describe the important approaches to Development Communication with suitable examples.

6. Write the role of communication in Agriculture and Rural Development.

7. How can communication help in environment conservation?

8. What do you understand by consumerism? Discuss the role of media in spread of consumerism.

9. Discuss the effect of globalization on media in India.

10. What constitutes an offence of defamation? Discuss the defences available for journalists in this context.
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