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Lucknow University B.A Part III History of English Literature Paper I 2007 Question Paper

B.A ( Part III) Examination 2007
(New Course)
History of English Literature
First Paper
University / Board: Lucknow University - Old Question Papers / Previous Years Question Papers / Model Question Papers / Sample Question Papers
Course: B.A Post Graduate Diploma Journalism (Oriya)
Maximum Marks:50

Question Paper Description: 2007 Lucknow University General Post Graduate Diploma Journalism (Oriya) History of English Literature First Paper Question paper

1.Write short notes on the following: 20
(i) The Elizabethean Theatere
(ii) Euphemism
(iii) Metaphysical Poetry
(iv) Comedy of Manners
(v) Heroic Tragedy
(vi) Gothic Fiction
(vii) The Romantic Essay
(viii) Pre-Raphaelite Poetry
(ix) Problem Play
(x) Imagism

2. What is the Revival of Learning?Discuss the major features of the Renaissance in England. (7.5)
3. Write a note on Elizabethean poetry and chief characteristics. (7.5)

4. Give an account of the growth of the English Novel in the eighteenth century. (7.5)
5. Write a note on the precursors of the Romantic Revival. (7.5)

6. Write a note on one of the Essayists of the Romantic Age. (7.5)
7. Discuss the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the literature of the Victorian Age. (7.5)

8. Write a note on the Stream-Of-Consciousness Novel and its salient features. (7.5)
9. Give an account of the Poetry of the Thirties in England. (7.5)
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