Thursday, May 5, 2016

ANU B.Tech CS323 Object Oriented Analysis & Design April 2016 Question Paper

ANU Acharya Nagarjuna University Exam Old Question Paper
Course: B.Tech CSE and IT
[Total No. of Questions : 09]
CS/IT 323 (CR)
III/IV B.Tech Degree Examinations, March - April 2016
Second Semester
Object Oriented Analysis & Design
Time : 3 hours
Maximum Marks : 70

Answer question No.1 Compulsory
Answer ONE question from each Unit

1. Answer the following [7 x 2 = 14M]
a) Define model & why do we model
b) Tagged values
c) Mention & define three levels of visibility in advance classes.
d) List the five standard stereotypes that can apply to packages.
e) What do you mean by trigger less transitions in activity diagrams?
f) State chart diagram
g) Mention the four ways of using a component diagram

UNIT - I [1 x 14 = 14M]

2. Explain about conceptual model of the UML. (OR)
3. Explain about modelling the distribution of responsibilities in a system.

UNIT - II [1 x 14 = 14M]

4. Explain about the advanced classes and their relationships between classes. (OR)
5. Explain about the object diagram in detail with a neat sketch.

UNIT - III [1 x 14 = 14M]

6. What is meant by activity diagram? Draw the activity diagram for student attendance system. (OR)
7. Discuss in detail about process and threads.

UNIT - IV [1 x 14 = 14M]

8. Explain about components and deployments. (OR)
9. Explain about the common modelling techniques for deployment diagrams
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