Tuesday, April 5, 2016

AZ4C Computer Graphics April 2015 Question Paper

Are you searching old question papers of Madras University? Want AZ4C Computer Graphics BCA B.Sc Computer Science Exam Question Paper? You can here get April 2015 question paper of this subject. Check out the details and contents of the exam paper below.

University of Madras
Subject Code: AZ4C
Exam Year: APRIL 2015

1. Write down the application fields of computer graphics.
2. Write any two Input devices.
3. What are the basic line attributes?
4. Define Inquiry functions.
5. What is transformation?
6. Define viewing.
7. What are Logical Input Devices?
8. Define Grid.
9. What are Polygon Tables?
10. Define Scaling with 3D objects.
11. What is object space method?
12. Why to remove the hidden surfaces?

1. Write short notes on Hard Copy devices.
2. Discuss the essential characteristics of Graphics software.
3. Describe the mid-point circle drawing algorithm.
4. What is composite transformation? Explain.
5. Write short notes on Modeling concepts.
6. Explain depth cueing.
7. How to view a 3D objects?

1. Explain the working principle of CRT.
2. What are the additional transformation available in some packages? Explain.
3. Describe about Bresenham's line drawing algorithm.
4. Explain Rotation and Translation with respect to 3D objects.
5. Discuss about the different types of projections. 
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