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Friday, March 18, 2016

Gujarat University, B.Com General English May 2014 Question Paper

Gujarat University Previous Years Question Papers
B.Com. Semester-II
General English
(For English Medium)
Text : Journey Through Words : An Anthology of Prose and Poetry
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 70

Instructions : (1) Mention clearly the options you attempt.
(2) Figures to the right indicate marks.

1. (A) Write brief answers of any three of the following : 9

(1) Why did the reporter agree to remove the statue ?

(2) How did the mother take fate into her own hands ?

(3) Describe how Princess September adopted the little bird as her own. How did

(4) What was the special gift that the king gave to his daughters on his birthday ?

(5) Explain why Hernando said, ‘What do they mean, “the world ?”.

(B) Write a short note on any one of the following : 5

(1) Significance of the title of the story ‘The Highway’

(2) Humour and Irony in the story ‘Lawley Road’ her sisters influence her about her little bird ? What happened to Princess September’s gift ?

2. (A) Write brief answers of any three of the following : 9

(1) What is the sight that the poet beholds as seen in the first stanza of the poem

(2) The poet thinks that the known and familiar are much more pleasant than the unknown and the unfamiliar. Give evidence from the poem ‘The Little Waves of Breffny’ to substantiate this.


Seat No. : _______________
B.Com. Sem.-II
General English
Text : Golden Leaves
(For Gujarati Medium)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 70
1. (A) Answer the following questions in brief : (Any three) 9
(1) What last wish did the man express before the court-martial ?
(2) Why did the General offer the man homage ?
(3) What is your impression of Gomti ?
(4) Why was Deepak feeling lonely in the station ?
(5) How did the scar faced man make his living ?
(B) Write a short note on any one of the following : 5
(1) The Man with the Scar
(2) Gomti
(3) The character of Arun
2. (A) Answer the following questions in brief : (Any three) 9
(1) What does the poet feel when he sees the fisherman’s boy and the sailor lad ?
(2) How does the poet bring out the passion she feels for her lover and would be husband ?
(3) What, according to the poet, are the five petals of life ?
(4) What are ‘mockeries’, according to Owen ?
(5) What does the poet think when he sees the sea breaking on the cold grey stones ?

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