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Saturday, March 5, 2016


Are you looking for APGENCO AE MECHANICAL 2012 question paper in PDF? Download it here from the contents provided below.

Class: APPSC
Subject : General Studies - APGENCO Syllabus
QP.Type: Previous Year
Exam Year: 2012
Question Paper Download Format: PDF and Some samples of questions in text format


Some Sample Questions...
Q.14. In an impulse steam turbine, the steam expands in
(A) Nozzles (B) Moving blades
(C) Nozzle and Moving blades (D) Moving and fixed blades

Q.15. In an air craft gas turbine, the axial flow compressor is preferred because of
(A) High pressure rise (B) Low frontal area (C) High thrust (D) High propulsion

Q.16. The essential function of the carburetor in a S.I. Engine is to
(A) Meter the fuel into air stream and amount dictated by the load and speed
(B) Vaporize the fuel
(C) Distribute the fuel uniformly into all cylinders
(D) Both (B) and (C)

Q.17. The most popular firing order in case of a four cylinder in line IC engine is
(A) 1-2-3-4 (B) 1-3-2-4 (C) 1-3-4-2 (D) 1-2-4-3

Q.18.The air fuel ratio for idling speed of an automobile petrol engine is close to
(A)10:1 (B) 15:1 (C) 17:1 (D) 21:1

Q.19. A power screw is a device used for power transmission to convert
(A) Rotary motion into a linear motion (B) Linear motion into rotary motion
(C) Sliding motion (D) Centrifugal motion into rotary motion

Q.20. Creep depends on
(A) Pressure (B) Temperature (C) Load applied (D) Stiffness

Q.21. Ratio of force transmitted to the force applied is known as
(A) Damping factor (B) Damping coefficient
(C) Transmissibility (D) Magnification factor

Q.22. A simple gas turbine power plant used for air craft propulsion works on
(A) Rankine cycle (B) Carnot cycle (C) Brayton cycle (D) Otto cycle

Q.23. In EDM process, the tool and work piece are separated by
(A) An electrolyte (B) A metal conductor (C) Dielectric fluid (D) Metallic slum

Q.24. Surface roughness on a drawing is represented by
(A) Triangles (B) Circles (C) Squares (D) Rectangles

Q.25. Poor fusion in a welded joint is due to
(A) High welding speed (B) Dirty metal surface (C) Improper current (D) Lack of flux

Q.26. Mechanical properties of the metal improves in hot working due to
(A) Recovery of grains (B) Recystallisation
(C) Grain growth (D) Refinement of grain size

Q.27. Certain pilot study showed that % of occurrence of an activity as 50% with 95% confidence level ad an accuracy of ±2%, the no. of observations are
(A) 2500 (B) 2300 (C) 2200 (D) 2000

Q.28. Ann IC engine has a bone and stroke of 2 units each. The area to calculate heat loss can be taken as
(A) 4π (B) 5π (C) 6π (D) 8π

Q.29. In a weaving operation, the parameter to be controlled in the number of defects per 10 square yards of material, control chart appropriate for this task is
(A) P-chart (B) C-chart (C) R-chart (D) X-chart

Q.30. The profile of a cam in a particular zone is given by x = √3cosθ and y = sinθ. The normal to the cam profile at θ = π/4 is at an angle (with respect to x axis)
(A) π /4 (B) π /2 (C) π/3 (D) 0

Q.31. A heat engine operates at 75% of the maximum possible efficiency. The ratio of heat source temperature to the heat sink temperature (in Kelvin) is 5/3. The function of the heat supplied, that is converted to work is
(A) 0.6 (B) 0.4 (C) 0.3 (D) 0.7

Download Link in PDF => APGENCO AE MECHANICAL 2012 Question Paper

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