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Saturday, March 19, 2016

ANU M.Sc Physics Paper II Classical Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics 2015 Question Paper

ANU Previous Question Paper
(DPHY 02)
M.Sc. (Previous) DEGREE EXAMINATION, MAY - 2015
First Year
Paper – II : Classical Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics
Time : 03 Hours Maximum Marks : 80
Answer Any Five questions
All questions carry equal marks
1) a) Define constraints. Write about holonomic and non holonomic constraints.
b) Derive the Lagrangian equation from Hamilton principle.
2) a) Write about angular momentum and kinetic energy of a rigid body.
b) Obtain the relations of inertia tensor and discuss moment of inertia.
3) a) Deduce the Lorentz transformation equation of special theory of relativity.
b) Explain Lagrangian and Poisson brackets with examples.
4) a) What are small oscillations. Discuss forced vibrations.
b) Discuss the vibrations of linear triatomic molecule.
5) a) State and explain Boltzmann equipartition theorem.
b) State and prove Liouville’s theorem.
6) a) Define ensemble, phase space and μ-space.
b) Distinguish between microcanonical, canonical and gand canonical ensembles.
7) What do you mean by partition function. Express Helmholtz free energy and entropy in terms of the partition function.
8) a) Derive the distribution law for Bose-Einstein statistics.
b) Explain Bose-Einstein condensation.
9) Write notes on any two of the following:
a) D’ Alembert’s principle.
b) Hamilton’s principle
c) Gibb’s paradox
d) White dwarfs


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