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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Magadh University, BCA 1st Year 2014 Question Paper

Looking for MU 2014 Question Paper for BCA 1st Year ? You can here download it which will be very useful for upcoming exams.

Magadh University
2014 Question Paper
Time : 3 Hours
Full Marks -75
Candidates are required to give their answers
In their own words as far as practicable.
The questions are of equal value
Answer any five questions
In which Q No.1 is compulsory
1. Choose the correct answer of the following :
a) ________ is a very small computer that can be held in the palm of the hand.
i) PDC
ii) PC
iii) Laptop
iv) Mini Computer
b) A group of 8 bits is called a ___________
i) Bite
ii) Byte
iii) Octbits
iv) None of the above
d) The binary equivalent of (359)10 is __________
i) 101010100
ii) 110011000
iii) 101100111
iv) None of the above

e) A gate which is also known as inverter is ________
i) AND
ii) OR
iii) NOT
iv) NAND
f) The octal addition of (25)8 and (15)8 is __________
i) (42)8
ii) (40)8
iii) (41)8
iv) None of these
g) The set of wires, which carry information in a controlled manner is _________
i) System bus
ii) Public bus
iii) Private bus
iv) None of the above
h) The memory, which is utmost access able to the processor is ___________
i) RAM
ii) Cache Memory
iii) ROM
iv) None of the above

i) Rotational delay is also known as ______________
i) Seek time
ii) Shift time
iii) Latency
iv) Access time

j) Which among the following is not a pointing device?
i) Trackball
ii) Lightpen
iii) Scanner
iv) Mouse.
2. Explain the various applications of computer.
3. a) Draw a block diagram to illustrate the basic organization of a computer system.
b) Explain the functions of various units of a computer system.
4. a) What do you mean by hard copy and soft copy?
b) Differentiate between impact and non- impact printers.
5. Explain the storage organization of a magnetic tape. What are its advantages and Disadvantages?
6. What are the different types of computers? Discuss the advantages of using Mini computer over micro computer.
7. Perform the binary arithmetic using 2’s complement:
a) 10111001 + 10011001
b) 00001010 - 00110011
c) 1000011 - 00110101
8. What do you mean by language translator? Differentiate between compiles and Interpreter.
9. Differentiate between them :
a) Uniprocessor and multiprocessor
b) Computer and human brain
10. What is an instruction Act? Explain RISC and CISC architecture.

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