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Friday, February 26, 2016

JNVU B.Sc Zoology, Cell Biology and Genetics 2008 Question Paper

JNVU Question Paper
B.Sc (Part 1) exam of the 3 year Degree course
2008 Question Paper
Cell Biology and Genetics
Time -Three Hours Maximum marks 50
Note :-1 Attempt 5 ques. in all selecting either A or B from every unit.
two provide labelled diagrams wherever necessary.
Unit 1
1 A define Fluid Mosaic Model and discuss the functional characterstics of plasma membrane on the basis of this model.
B Write notes on any 2 of the following:-
a Active transport
b Cell theory
c Structure and function of microtubules.
Unit 2
2 A define the mechanism of DNA replication and mention the significance of semiconservative replication.
B define the mechanism of protein synthesis and its genetic regulation in prokaryotic cells.
Unit 3
3 A define the process of mitosis and compare it with meiosis.
B Write notes on any 2 of the following:-
a Interphase nucleus
b Cell cycle
c Crossing over.
Unit 4
4 A Write an essay on Mendel's Laws of heredity.
B Write notes on any 2 of the following:-
a Aneuploidy
b Inversion and Deletion
c Significance of Mutation.
Unit 5
5 A Describe multiple allele inheritance taking human blood groups as example
B Write notes on any 2 of the following:
a Supplementary genes
b Complementary genes
c Duplicate genes.

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