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CS Executive Company Law 2015 Question Paper

Are you looking for CS Executive Company Law 2015 Question Paper ? You can download it here.
Roll No…………………
Time allowed : 3 hours Maximum marks : 100
Total number of questions : 6 Total number of printed pages : 4
NOTE : 1. Answer ALL Questions.
2. All references to sections relate to the Companies Act, 2013 unless stated otherwise.
1. Comment on the following :
(a) In no circumstances a company can issue redeemable preference shares with a redemption
period beyond 20 years.
(b) Powers of the directors of a company are co-extensive with those of the company.
(c) One person company shall be formed only as a company limited by shares.
(d) The gap between two annual general meetings can never exceed 15 months. (5 marks each)

Attempt all parts of either Q.No. 2 or Q.No. 2A
2. Distinguish between the following :
(a) 'Independent director' and 'non-executive director'.
(b) 'Inspection' and 'investigation'.
(c) 'Limited liability partnership' and 'body corporate'.
(d) 'ESOP' and 'sweat equity shares'. (4 marks each)
OR (Alternate question to Q.No. 2)
2A. (i) To consider a body corporate as a foreign company, a place of business in India is to be established. State the activities that do not constitute carrying of business in India. (ii) Masons (Pvt.) Ltd. is a private limited company as per the articles of association of the company. However, a public company acquired shares in Masons (Pvt.) Ltd. thereby making the company, Masons (Pvt.) Ltd., a subsidiary of that public company. State the impact of such acquisition of shares by a public company on Masons (Pvt.) Ltd. (iii) "Financial statements shall be signed only by the Chairperson of the company.'' Explain.
Download Link in PDF => CS Executive Company Law 2015 Question Paper

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