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Friday, February 26, 2016

BSEB Mathematics 2015 Question Paper PDF

Board: BSEB, Bihar Board Matriculation
Model Questions
Exam Year: 2015
100 Question
1 Mark Each
In the answers of question no. (1) to (12) write True or False

1. A relation R on a set A is said to be an equivalence relation if and only if
(i) R is reflexive and (ii) R is symmetric .................

2. Let X = {1, 2, 3} and Y = {4, 5} Then the following subset of XXY ; f1 = {(1, 4) (1, 5) (2, 4), (3, 5)} is
a function from X to Y .................

3. A relation R on a set A is said to be symmetric if and only

4. Let f : R® R be defined by f(x) = x2 for all xÎ R.

Download PDF file of this BSEB Mathematics 2015 Question Paper here 

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