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VTU B.E Computer Communication Networks 2015 Question Paper

VTU Question Paper
Department of Electronics
B.E. Degree Examination
Seventh Semester
Computer Communication Networks
June / July 2015 Question Paper
Max. Marks:100
Time: 3 Hours

Seventh Semester B.E. Degree Examination, June/July 2015
Computer Communication Networks
Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 100
Note: Answer FIVE full questions, selecting at least TWO questions from each part.
Mention the layers of TCPIIP protocol suite and give brief explanation of protocols used in the suite. (10 Marks)
Explain usage of existing loops, adaptive technology and discrete multitone technique in ADSL. (10 Marks)
Give design of selective repeat ARQ, and explain its working at sender site and receiver site. (10 Marks)
Give frame format of HDLC protocol and explain all the fields in the frame. (10 Marks)
Explain working of CSMNCA with a flow diagram. (10 Marks)
A pure aloha network transmits 200 bit frames on a shared channel of 200 kbps. What is the through put if system produces 1000 frames per second? (04 Marks)
Explain the idea of CDMA technique. (06 Marks)
Explain frame format of Ethernet MAC frame. (08 Marks)
Describe topology, implementation and encoding in fast ethernet. (08 Marks)
Give summary of standard ethernet implementations. (04 Marks)

a. Describe the three steps involved in finding spanning tree for the following system Fig. Q5 (a). (10 Marks)

Discuss the two most common architectures in backbone networks. (10 Marks)
Explain classful addressing classes in IPV 4. (10 Marks)
Explain the different fields of IPV4 datagram. (10 Marks)
Explain initialization" sharing and updating in distance vector routing protocol. (10 Marks)
Discuss multicast distance vector routing and its implementation in DVMRP. (10 Marks)
Explain UDP datagram format. (04 Marks)
Describe three way hand shaking connection establishment and termination in TCP. (08 Marks)
Mention atleast five generic and country domains and explain recursive and iterative resolution. (08 Marks)
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