Monday, January 11, 2016

Telangana Sr Inter Civics Model Question Paper I

Telangana State Inter Question Paper - Model Question Paper


Time : 3 hrs. MODEL PAPER Max. Marks : 100

I. Answer any THREE of the following in 40 lines each 3 x 10 = 30

1. Explain the salient features of Indian constitution?

2. Describe the powers of President of India?

3. Explain the powers and functions of Indian Parliament?

4. Explain the powers and functions of State Governor?

5. Explain the composition and functions of Zilla Parishad?

II. Answer any EIGHT of the following in 20 lines each 8 x 5 = 40

6. Write about Non-cooperation movement?

7. What are the main provisions of Government of India Act 1919?

8. What are the Socialist Provisions of Directive Principles of State Policy?

9. Point out the restrictions on Fundamental Rights?

10. What are the functions of Union Cabinet?

11. What are the powers and functions of Loksabha Speaker?

12. Explain the powers of Supreme Court of India?

13. Discuss the role of Chief Minister in the administration of State?

14. What are the legislative relations between the Union and State?

15. What are the determinants of Foreign Policy?

16. Give suggestions for effective functioning of U.N.O.

17. Explain different types of corruption?

III. Answer any FIFTEEN of the following in 5 lines each 15 x 2 = 30

18. Methods of moderates

19. Constituent Assembly

20. Appointment of Prime Minister

21. Quorum of Loksabha.

22. Differences between Public - Private Bills

23. Composition of Legislative Assembly

24. Advocate General

25. Write any two recommendations of Sarkaria Commission?

26. Grama Sabha

27. Qualifications of High Court of Judges?

28. What are the functions of Collector as a Magistrate?

29. Objectives of Foreign Policy

30. Panchasheel

31. New International Economic Order

32. Membership of U.N.O.

33. Trusteeship Council

34. U.N. Special Agencies

35. Features of Globalisation

36. What is meant by Terrorism

37. Four suggestions of Santhanam Committee on Curruption.
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