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Solapur University Question Paper,PSYCHOLOGY,2015 Question Paper,Ph.D. Course Work

Solapur University Question Paper
Ph.D. Course Work Examination, 2015
Paper – 03 : Modern Topics in Psychology
Day and Date : Saturday, 6-6-2015 Max. Marks : 100
Time : 11.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
1. A) What is teacher effectiveness ? Explain the nature of teaching learning
process. 10
B) Write in short (any two) : 10
i) Education of exceptional children.
ii) Describe the principles of teaching.
iii) Positive emotions and it role in wellbeing.
2. A) Illustrate the meaning of health psychology and describe the bio-psychosocial
perspective of the same. 10
B) Write in short (any two) : 10
i) Maslow’s views on mental health.
ii) Explain health resources.
iii) Roger’s contribution to health psychology.
3. A) Describe the meaning and significance of the validity of the psychological
measures and discuss the nature of construct validity of a test. 10
B) Write in short (any two) : 10
i) Precautions in test administration.
ii) Strengths and weaknesses of alternate form reliability.
iii) Meaning and uses of factor analysis in test construction.
4. A) What is neuropsychological assessment ? Explain any one technique of
Neuropsychological assessment. 10
B) Write in short (any two) : 10
i) Cerebral cortex and its functions.
ii) Eyesenk’s biosocial theory of crime
iii) Recent perspective of sport psychology.
5. A) Discuss cognitive and social psychological dimensions of individual and team
sports. 10
B) Write in short (any two) : 10
i) Role of psychology in crime prevention.
ii) Neuro-chemical systems in the brain.
iii) Cognitive and behavioral interactions in sports.
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