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Friday, January 15, 2016

MSBTE Mumbai, DCT Computer Security 2015 Question Paper

Exam Board : Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai (MSBTE)
Year of Exam : Summer 2015
Course : Diploma in Computer Technology
Subject : Computer Security
Question Paper Code : 21415
3 Hours/100 Marks
Instructions : (1) All questions are compulsory.
(2) Illustrate your answers with neat sketches wherever necessary.
(3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
(4) Assume suitable data, if necessary.
(5) Preferably write the answers in sequential order.

1. A) Attempt any three : 12
a) What is CIA of security ? Describe in brief.
b) List any four bometrices methods used for identification. List any four advantages of biometrices.
c) Define Encryption and Decryption with reference to computer security.
d) Explain following terms w.r.t. security :
i) Intruders ii) Insiders.
B) Attempt any one : 6
a) Describe the following attacks :
i) Sniffing ii) Spoofing.
b) Enlist any four cyber crimes. Describe any one in detail.
2. Attempt any two : 16
a) Explain following attacks :
i) Man In Middle Attack and ii) Denial Of Service Attack.
Also suggest ways to avoid them.
b) i) Give characteristics of good password.
ii) What is meant by Dumpster diving ? How it is used for attacking ?
Give the ways to avoid/prevent this.
c) Explain the concept of Hashing with the help of diagram. List its advantages (any 4 points).
3. Attempt any four : 16
a) What is the application of firewall ? How it works ? Enlist its limitations.
b) Describe in brief :
i) Piggybacking ii) Shoulder surfing.
c) What is meant by steganography ? Describe its importance.
d) With the help of neat diagram describe host based Intrusion Detection System.
e) Describe in brief the process of application hardening.
4. A) Attempt any three : 12
a) Describe rail fence technique. Convert “I am a student” into cipher text using rail fence method.
b) Describe PGP with reference to email security.
c) Explain how deleted file can be recovered.
d) Explain with neat sketch the working of Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
B) Attempt any one : 6
a) Enlist different challenges to be faced while considering computer security.
b) With suitable example explain :
i) Logic Bomb attack and ii) Time Bomb attack.
5. Attempt any two : 16
a) Describe the role of individual user while maintaining security. What are the limitations of following biometrics identification methods.
i) Hand print ii) Retina
iii) Voice iv) Signature.
b) i) Describe working principle of SMTP.
ii) With neat sketch explain the working of Network Based IDS.
c) Give IP Sec configuration. Describe AH and ESP modes of IPSEC.
6. Attempt any four : 16
a) Describe role of people in security.
b) What is meant by access control. Describe :
i) DAC ii) MAC iii) RBAC

c) Explain Virtual Private Network in brief. Define DMZ.
d) Describe data recovery principle and ethics.
e) Describe any four components of secure electronic transaction. Give sketch also.

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