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Monday, January 4, 2016

Madras University Question Paper,LCT, 2011 Question Paper, TAMIL,

Madras University Question Paper
Subject : TAMIL
Subject Code :LCT
OCTOBER 2011 U/ID 5923/LCT
Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks
Answer ALL questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
1. (a) Write an account on the need and purpose of
classification in a university library.
 (b) Explain in detail the structure and
development of universe of subjects.
2. (a) Describe the features of DDC.
 (b) Discuss the principles for facet sequence with
3. (a) What are common isolates? Explain the
common isolates that are used in CC.
 (b) Briefly explain different devices of CC with
4. (a) What are the components of call number?
Discuss them in detail.
 (b) Describe the features of enumerative scheme
of classification.
5. Write short notes on any THREE of the following :
 (a) Fundamental categories
 (b) CC
 (c) Mixed notation
 (d) Intra facet phase relation
 (e) Idea plane.

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