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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

EC6404 Linear Integrated Circuits Nov Dec 2015 Important Questions

Looking for important questions of EC6404 Linear Integrated Circuits (LIC) ? You can here download 4th semester AU Chennai EC6404 Linear Integrated Circuits (LIC) Nov Dec 2015 important questions.

Anna University Chennai
Department of B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering
Fourth Semester
EC6404 Linear Integrated Circuits (LIC)
November / December 2015 Exam Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

1. Explain the construction of monolithic bipolar transistor,monolithic diode and integrated resistors
2. Explain the wool-motion of a monolithic bipolar transistor(16)
3. (i) Compare different configurations of Differential Amplifier (8)
(ii) For a dual input, balanced output differential amplifier, Rc = 2.2kohm, Re = 4.7 kohm, R51: R52 = 50 ohm. The supply Voltages are +- 10 V. The hfo for the transistor is 60. Assume silicon transistors and hie 1.4 kohm. Determine the operating point values, differential gain, common mode gain and CMRR . (8)
4. (i) List and explain the non-ideal DC characteristics of an operational amplifier. (8)
(ii) Explain the AC characteristics of an operational amplifier
5. With neat diagram explain the application of op-amp as precision rectifier, clipper and damper (16)
6. With neat diagram explain logarithmic amplifier and antilogriyhmic amplifier. (16)
7 (i) Explain the working of OP-AMP based Schmitt trigger circuit. (8)
(ll) Design an OP-AMP based second order active low pass filter with cut off frequency 2 kHz. (8)
8, Explain the working of
(i) Instrumentation amplifier (8)
(ii) Schmitt trigger. (8)

9. (i) Explain the working of IC 565. (10)

(ii) Explain the application of PLL used for FM detection. (6)

10. Explain the working of Analog multiplier using emitter coupled transistor pair.Discuss the
applications of analog multiplier IC. (16)

11. Explain with neat block diagrams, how PLL is used as

(i) AM Detector . (5)

(ii) FM Detector. (5)

(iii) Frequency Synthesizer. (6)

12. Draw the block diagram and explain principle of working, characteristics and applications of,
(i) Frequency Synthesizer (8)

(ii) Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) demodulator (8)

13. Explain weighted resistor type and R-2R Ladder type DAC (16)

14. Explain the working of

(i) R-2R Ladder D/A converter (6)

(ii) Dual slope A/D converter. (10)

15. (i) With neat circuit diagram and wave form of output, explain the working of Dual slope A/ D
converter. (10)

(ii) Give a table of comparison of Flash, Dual-slope and Successive approximation ADCs, in terms of
parameters like speed, accuracy, resolution, input-hold-time. (6)

16. Explain the Working of

(i) Weighted resister D/A converter (6)

(ii) Successive approximation A/D converter. (10)

17. (i) With neat diagram, explain the working principle of isolation amplifier. (8)
(ii) With neat diagram, explain the principle of operation of optocouplers. (8)

18. (i) Explain the working of monostable multi-vibrator (14)

(ii) What are optocouplers ? (2)

19. Explain in detail voltage to frequency and frequency to voltage converters. (16)

20. With neat diagram explain IC723 General Purpose regulator. (16)

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