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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dr. MGR University Question Paper,Paper III – PHYSIOLOGY INCLUDING BIOPHYSICS – I,FIRST M.B.B.S.,2008 Question Paper

Dr. MGR University Question Paper
Revised (Non-Semester) Regulations
Q. P. Code : 524053
Time : Three hours Maximum: 100 Marks
Answer ALL questions.
Draw Suitable diagrams wherever necessary
I. Essay Questions : (2 x 15 = 30)
 1. What is menstrual cycle.
 Explain the ovarian changes taking place during menstrual cycle.
 2. What are different types of salivary glands?
 Describe the composition, functions and regulation of secretion of saliva.
II. Write Short notes on : (10 x 5 = 50)
1. Write the features of Acromegaly.
2. Tubuloglomerular feedback.
3. Explain mechanism of secretion of hydrochloric acid in stomach.
4. Explain extrinsic mechanism of coagulation of blood.
5. Write the functions of platelets.
6. Write the actions of parathormone.
7. Cystometrogram.
8. Explain Neuroendocrine reflex.
9. Erythroblastosis Foetalis.
 10. Haemophilia.
III. Short Answer Questions : (10 x 2 = 20)
1. Functions of Eosinophil.
2. Name anticoagulants used in laboratory.
3. Write differences between adult haemoglobin and foetal haemoglobin.
4. Write functions of sertoli cells.
5. Write functions of large intestine.
6. Migrating Myoelectric Complex (MMC).
7. Achalasia Cardia.
8. Name hormones of the hypothalamus.
9. Write the actions of prolactin.
 10. Name second messengers.

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