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CS2060-High Speed Networks Nov Dec 2014 Question Paper

Are you looking for CS2060-High Speed Networks Nov Dec 2014 Question Paper ? You can here download it and use it for upcoming AU Chennai examinations. It is one of the 7th semester elective subject for B.E ECE students. Check out all details below and download the question paper.

Anna University Chennai
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Seventh Semester
Regulation 2008
November / December 2014
CS2060-High Speed Networks

Part A (10*2=20)
1. State the uses of CLP bit in the header of an ATM cell.
2. Draw the ATM cell header for UNI and NNI.
3. Name some queuing models generally used in networks.
4. What is meant by choke pockets?
5. What kind of flow control mechanism is used in TCP?
6. List techniques used in TCP send window management.
7. State and explain PHB for differential services.
8. What is meant by elastic traffic?
9. What is the need for resource reservation?
10. Draw the format of MPLS label.

Part B (5 x 16 = 80)
11. A.1.What are the various ATM categories ? Explain them in detail.
2. Describe the fibre channel protocol architecture.
B. 1.Briefly explain the functions of ATM Adoption layer and draw thw frame format.
2. Explain the significance of FECN and BECN fields in the format of frame relay?

12. A. 1.What are the different congestion control algorithms applied in packet switching network ?Explain .
2. Describe the single server queuing model with it structure.
B. 1. How congestion control used in the traffic management?
2. Explain in detail the implicit and explicit signals?

13. A.1.How the flow control mechanisms applied in TCP networks?
2. Explain the TCP Retransmission timer management techniques in details.
B. 1. Describe the performance of TCP over ATM in detail.
2. How congestion control window management is implemented? Explain with diagram.

14.A,.1.Briefly explain the elastic traffic and inelastic traffic?
2.Describe the integration service architecture with diagram.
B.1. Explain random early detection method of congestion management in detail.
2.Write notes on the following queues:
1. Fair Queuing.
2. Weighted Fair Queuing.

15. A.1.Explain the Real time protocol architecture and its operation.
2. Describe the resource reservation protocol goals and characteristics.
B.1. What is the use of MPLS in IP based network? Describe in detail .
2. Briefly explain the MPLS label Stacking features with diagram.
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