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Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015 Question Paper,FIRST M.B.B.S.,Dr. MGR University Question Paper,PAPER III – PHYSIOLOGY INCLUDING BIO - PHYSICS - I

Dr. MGR University Question Paper
Q.P. Code: 524053
Time : Three Hours Maximum : 50 marks
Answer ALL questions
I. Elaborate: (1 x 10 = 10)
 1. Describe the mechanism of coagulation of blood.
II. Write notes on : (2 x 5 = 10)
 1. Cushings syndrome.
 2. Succus entericus.
III. Short answers on : (10 x 3 = 30)
 1. Resting membrance potential.
 2. Define all or none law. How is this law applicable in the skeletal and cardiac muscle.
 3. Name the muscle proteins. What is the role of troponin c in muscle contraction.
 4. Inulin clearance.
 5. Countercurrent exchanger mechanism in kidney.
 6. Somatomedin.
 7. Action of thyroxine on CVS.
 8. Positive feedback mechanism.
 9. How does temperature influence spermatogenesis?
10. Effects of oestrogen on the uterine endometrium.

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