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University Of Pune Question Paper,2.7 : PHARMACOLOGY – I,Second Year B.Pharmacy,2010 Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
Second Year B.Pharmacy Examination, 2010
(2008 Course)
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 80
Note : 1) All questions are compulsory.
2) Answers to the two Sections should be written in separate
answer books.
3) Neat labelled diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.
4) Black figure to the right indicate full marks.
1. Define and classify anticoagulants. Discuss in detail pharmacology of oral
anti-coagulants. 10
1. Discuss the anaphylaxis and allergic reactions mediated by histamine and give its
2. Solve any five of the following : 15
i) Enlist the various processes which determine the renal excretion of drugs and
discuss in detail tubular secretion.
ii) Enlist the various factors affecting the renal excretion of drugs. How pH and
pKa of drugs can affect the renal excretion ?
iii) Discuss about photosensitivity.
iv) Discuss in detail passive diffusion.
v) Discuss in detail ligand gated ion channels.
vi) Discuss how genetic factors modifies drug action.
vii) Discuss the pharmacology of prostaglandins.
3. Write a note on the following (any three) : 15
i) Essential drug concept and orphan drugs
ii) Transmucosal routes
iii) Redistribution and Tissue storage
iv) Dose response relationship
v) Non viral vectors for gene transfer.
4. Discuss the pathogenesis and clinical features of type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus.
Add a note on acute metabolic complications of diabetes mellitus. 10
4. Define hypertension. Write the general and etiologic classification of hypertension.
Discuss the etiology and pathogenesis of essential hypertension.
5. Solve any five of the following : 15
i) Discuss the pathophysiology of inflammation.
ii) Discuss the etiology of chronic peptic ulcers.
iii) Discuss the etiology and types of HF.
iv) Define tuberculosis and discuss the types of tuberculosis.
v) Pathophysiology of gonorrhea.
vi) Discuss the etiology of chronic obstructive airway disease.
vii) Discuss the etiology of malignancy.
6. Write a note on the following (any three) : 15
i) Lepromatous leprosy
ii) Alzheimer’s
iii) Parkinson’s disease
iv) Urinary tract infections
v) Cardiac arrhythmias.

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