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University Of Pune Question Paper,2010 Question Paper,(Paper – II) CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT,1986,Diploma in Consumer Protection Law

University Of Pune Question Paper
Diploma in Consumer Protection Law Examination, 2010
(Paper – II)
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 100
 Instructions : 1) Answer any 5 questions.
2) All questions carry equal marks.
1. State the various consumer dispute redressal agencies, their composition and
jurisdiction under the consumer Protection Act, 1986.
2. Discuss the concepts of Unfair Trade Practices, and Restrictive Trade Practices
under the Act.
3. Explain the procedure for filing a complaint before the District Forum.
4. “The doctrine of Caveat Emptor has undergone a tremendous change since the
passing of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.” Comment.
5. Distinguish between the concepts of “Contract of Service” and “Contract for
6. State whether the following amount to deficiency in service or defect in goods
under the Act,
a) Mr. Sunil was allotted a Toyota car by a dealer, who after delay in the delivery
of the car called upon Mr. Sunil to pay a further amount due to price increase.
b) Mrs. Geeta got a confirmed ticket on Jet Airways. The flight was later cancelled
on account of technical snag.
c) Mr. Rohan was delivered 15 sacks of rice by Mr. Shah, the quality of which
was totally inferior from the sample sent to Mr. Rohan’s home earlier.
d) Dr. Devidas was negligent while performing an appendicitis operation of
Smt. Shanta.
7. Discuss the nature of the various penalties and reliefs under the Consumer
Protection Act, 1986.
8. Write short notes on any two :
a) Goods purchased for Commercial purpose
b) National Commission
c) Period of limitation
d) Defect in goods.
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