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University Of Pune Question Paper,2010 Question Paper,T.E. (E & TC/Electronics, Indl. Elex.) (Semester – I),MICROPROCESSOR, MICROCONTROLLER AND APPLICATIONS

University Of Pune Question Paper
T.E. (E & TC/Electronics, Indl. Elex.) (Semester – I) Examination, 2010
(2003 Course)
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 100
Note : 1) Solve from Section 1-Q. I or Q. 2, Q. 3 or Q. 4, Q. 5 or
Q. 6 and from Section II-Q. 7 or Q. 8, Q. 9 or Q. 10, Q. 11
or Q. 12.
2) Answer to the two Sections should be written in a separate
3) Assume suitable data if necessary.
1. a) Compare various architectures of the processor. 6
b) List various hardware tools for testing of microprocessor based circuits.
Explain logic analyzer in detail. 10
2. a) Compare microprocessors and microcontrollers. 6
b) List various software tools for testing of microprocessor based circuits. Explain
simulator in detail. 10
3. a) Explain various addressing modes of 8051 with suitable example. 6
b) Explain the following instructions : 4
CINE A, #data, code address.
c) Explain memory organization of 8051. 6
4. a) Explain interrupt structure of 8051 with IE and IP SFRs. 8
b) Explain timer modes of 8051 with its SFR. 8
5. a) Write ALP program for finding out factorial of N. 6
b) Write ALP program for converting temperature from centigrade to Fahrenheit. 6
c) Write ALP program to find out largest number of given 5 nos. 6
6. a) Write ALP program to transfer block of data from 1 location of RAM to
another location of RAM. 6
b) Write ALP program to add five 8-bit nos. 6
c) Write ALP program such that when switch connected to port 0.1 is pressed
all LEDs connected to port p1 will light. 6
7. a) Interface 16 × 2 LCD display to 8051 in 4-bit mode. Explain various commands
for initializing the LCD. 8
b) Write ALP to generate staircase using 8-bit DAC. Draw interfacing diagram. 8
8. a) Interface 4*4 keypad to 8051. Write algorithm to detect the key pressed. 8
b) Interface 10-bit ADC to 8051. Write ALP program to read the ADC and store
the data in RAM location 50 H onwards. 8
9. a) State features of RS232C serial communication protocol. 4
b) Draw interfacing diagram of RS232 for serial communication with PC. 4
c) Write a program to transfer a string ‘Pune University’ to PC from 8051. 8
10. a) Explain 12C protocol with suitable timing diagram indicating START, STOP,
b) State features of SPI protocol and compare it with 12C. 6
11. a) State the features of 89C51 RD2. Compare it with 8051. 8
b) Explain the architecture of ATMEL microcontroller with suitable diagram. 10
12. a) State and explain addressing modes of PIC microcontroller. 8
b) Explain the architecture of PIC microcontroller with suitable diagram. 10

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