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Punjabi University B.Tech CSE Computer Based Technologies 2005 Question Paper

Looking for Punjabi University Previous Years Question Papers ? You can download here Computer Based Technologies question paper for B .Tech Computer Science and Engineering. It is 2005 Question Paper.

Computer Based Technologies
Punjabi University Question Paper
Exam Year : 2005
University College of Engineering, Patiala
Total Time : 1 hour
Total Marks : 30

1) What is Data Compression and Explain with examples.

2) What is System on Chip and discuss the role of Embedded systems in Real life.

3) What is a mother Board and what are its various sections. Draw a neat Diagram for it.

4) What are Data, Address and System Buses draw flow chart diagram.

5) What is Congestion and what are various congestion algorithms.

Total Marks 5*5 = 25
Attempt all these questions (1 mark Each)

1. System Bus
2. Collusion
3. Paraphrasing
4. Mother Board.
5. SOC
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