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M.P.M. (First Semester),2010 Question Paper,102 : INDUSTRIAL AND LABOUR ECONOMICS,University Of Pune Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
M.P.M. (First Semester) EXAMINATION, 2010
(2008 PATTERN)
Time : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 70
N.B. :— (i) Attempt any Five questions.
(ii) All questions carry equal marks.
1. “Industrial development is key to economic development.” Discuss w.r.t.
industrial development in India.
2. Define efficiency of labour. Discuss the various factors determining
the efficiency of labour.
3. Explain the factors determining the location of industries. Illustrate
your answer with the examples of Indian industries.
4. What are the special features of agricultural and female labour in
India ?
5. Examine the role of foreign capital in the industrial development of
6. Account for the wage differentials in the labour market of India.
7. Write short notes on any two of the following :
(a) Opportunities in service sector
(b) Child labour
(c) Importance of small scale industries
(d) Nominal and real wages.
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