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INTERNATIONAL FINANCE,2010 Question Paper,P. G. D. F. S. (Semester - II),University Of Pune Question Paper

University Of  Pune Question Paper
P. G. D. F. S. (Semester - II) Examination - 2010
(New 2008 Pattern)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 70
Instructions :
(1) Question No. 7 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any four questions from the remaining.
(3) Figures to the right indicates full marks.
Q.1) What is Balance of Payment ? Explain various causes of Disequilibrium
is Balance of Payment. [15]
Q.2) Explain the following in detail : [15]
(a) Fixed Exchange Rate
(b) Fluctuating Exchange Rate
Q.3) Explain importance, significance and role played by World Bank
in Managing International Finance. [15]
Q.4) What are the different functions of ECGC of India ? Explain Policies
and Guarantees issued by it. [15]
Q.5) Compare and Contrast between GATT and WTO. [15]
Q.6) State objectives and important provisions of FEMA, 1999. Also
explain how FEMA, 1999 is better than FERA, 1973 ? [15]
Q.7) Write short notes : (Any Two) [10]
(a) Loan Syndication
(b) Asian Development Bank
(c) Euro Dollar
(d) Spot and Forward Exchange Rates
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