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GE6351 Environmental Science and Engineering Important Questions 2015

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Anna University Chennai
Department of B.E Civil Engineering
Third Semester
GE6351 Environmental Science and Engineering
November / December 2015 Exam Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

GE6351 Environmental Science and Engineering
Unit I- Environment, Ecosystems and
Part- A (2 marks)
1 What are food chain and food web?
2. Define the terms producers and consumers.
3. Defme Genetic diversity and species diversity.
4. What is Biomes? How a biome does differs from an ecosystem.
5. What are the characteristics of the desert ecosystems?
6. DDefine Estuaries.
7. Give the bio-geographical classification of!ndia.
8. Distinguish between primary succession and secondary succession.
9. What are endangered and endemic species?
10. Name the four ecosystems.
11 Enumerate the human activities which destroy the biodiversity.
12. Mention the various subdivisions ofthe biotic and abiotic compounds of the Environment.
13. How are the laws ofthermodynamics related to energy flow?
14. What is red data book?
15. What are the advantages ofln-situ and Ex-situ conservation biodiversity?
16. What is ecosystem?
17 What are tropical levels?
18 What is meant by keystone species?
19 Define biodiversity.
20 Define bio-magnification of DDT
21 Define ecological succession.
22 Define producers, consumers and decomposers
23 What are autotrophic and heterotrophic components of an ecosystem?

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