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Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University: B.A III Year Public Administration 2014 Question Paper

University : Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University
Question Paper Type : Previous Years / Old Question Paper
Course : B.A Degree
Year of Course : III
Subject : Public Administration
Exam year of QP : 2014

Section A
1. What is an office? Explain the importance and functions of Office Administration.
2. What is a principle ? Explain the principles of office Administration.
3. Define and explain the principles of office lay out.
4. Write an essay on the chief factors that constitute the physical environment of the office.
5. Explain the importance of Materials Management.
6. What is a record? What are the reasons for creation of records in the government?
7. What is a record?What are the reasons for creation of records in the government ?
8. What are the methods of procurement of materials.

Section B
Answer any five of the following Questions
9. What is the need for method study.
10. What are the various steps involved in the simplification of office work?
11. State the advantages of work simplification.
12. What are the techniques of Data collection?
13. What are the types of communication?
14. Explain the influence of social factors on office Administration.
15. What are the Problems in the application of management Techniques in public officers?
16. Explain the importance of distribution of materials .
17. What are the features of MBO?
18. What are the functions of Store-Keeping ? 
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