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Sunday, December 20, 2015

December 2014 Question Paper,Annamalai University,B.Sc.(FASHION DESIGN) : STUDY OF APPAREL MARKETING

Annamalai University  december 2014 question paper
Time: Three hours Maximum: 60 marks
 Answer ALL questions
(5×1 = 5)
1. Domestic market.
2. Market survey
3. Brand venture
4. Joint venture
5. Distribution policy.
 Answer any FIVE questions
(5×5 = 25)
6. What do you mean by Exports? Explain.
7. Write in detail on publicity.
8. Write a short note on order procedure.
9. Explain about distribution process.
10. Describe in detail about the consumer behaviour.
11. Discuss about product development process with suitable illustration.
12. Write short note on sales promotion.
 Answer any THREE questions
(3×10 = 30)
13. What are the market segment available? Explain.
14. Mention the suing procedure with suitable illustration.
15. Give an account on consumer rights.
16. Explain about Global fashion market in 2014.
17. Discuss on Consumer Court.

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