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CSJM University - B.Com Part II BUSINESS ORGANISATION 2009 Question Paper

Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University - CSJM University Old Question Papers
B.Com. (Part II) Examination
2009 Question Paper
Maximum Marks:50

Attempt both Question (5 marks)
Q1: What is Commerce? Describe its need in modern business.
Q2: "Business combinations are in the interest of consumers." Comment.

Attempt any 15 Questions (2 marks)
Q3: What do you understand by delegation of authority?
Q4: Write the process of partnership firm's registration.
Q5: How the trust is established?
Q6: What do you understand by modernization?
Q7: Write a short note on produce exchange.
Q8: What is localisation?
Q9: Write the rights of the partners.
Q10: What do you understand by a private company?
Q11: State the difference between Cartel and Trust.
Q12: Efficiency increases in line and staff organisation. How?
Q13: What are the consequences of making false and misleading statements in prospectus?
Q14: Explain the mixed type ownership corporation.
Q15: Explain the gentlemen's agreement.
Q16: Describe the time rate system of wage payment?
Q17: What do you mean by Article of Association?
Q18: State the demerits of government company.
Q19: How the directors appointed in a company?
Q20: What is position of rationalization in Indian industries?

Q21: Define scientific management.How is it related with mental revolution?
Q22: Critically examine the Weber's theory of industrial location'
Q23: Differentiate between trade,commerce and industry and describe the characteristics of each.
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