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CE6304 Surveying 1 B.E Civil Anna Univ Chennai 2015 Important Questions

Are you looking for Surveying 1 important questions ? We have provided here to download CE6304 surveying-1 important questions for B.E Civil Engineering regulation 2013. Students like you can make use of this post to collect CE6304 surveying-1 important 2 marks and 16 marks questions.

University : Anna University Chennai
Subject Code : CE6304
Subject Name : Surveying-I
Semester : Third Semester
Department : Civil Engineering
Regulation : 2013
Content : Important Questions
File format : PDF

Part A
1) Define surveying.
2) What are the types of surveying? What are the primary divisions of surveying ?
3) State the principle of surveying.
4) Why not “part to whole” Explain.
5) Differentiate plan and map?
6) What are source of errors?
7) What are the kinds of errors? Give example?
8) Classify surveying based on accuracy?
9) Mention the different types of chain
10) Which type of areas is best suited for chain surveying?
11) What are accessories used in chain surveying?
12) What are errors in chaining?
13) Define Ranging?
14) What are the types of Ranging?
15) Defines check lines
16) Define tie stations
17) What is cross staff? Mention its types?
18) What are the types of optical square?
19) What are the well conditioned and ill conditioned triangles?
20) What is mean by representative fraction of scale?
21) Why is it necessary to draw a scale on the map at the time of Plotting?
22) Calculate the sag correction for a 100m tape weighting 1.3kg and used under a pull of 9 kg in equal spans of 25m each.
23) A 100m tape is held 2m out of a line. What is the true length?

Download Link : http://www.valliammai.co.in/qb/Civil/UG/3rd%20Semester/CE6304-Surveying-I.pdf
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