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CE6301 Engineering Geology Important Questions 2015

Want to collect important questions of CE6301 Engineering Geology ? You can here download AU Chennai B.E Civil Engineering CE6301 Engineering Geology all 2 marks and 16 marks. Refer the PDF file of CE6301 Engineering Geology that can be downloaded from the link provided below:

Anna University Chennai
Department of B.E Civil Engineering
Third Semester
CE6301 Engineering Geology
November / December 2015 Exam Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

Geology in civil engineering – branches of geology – structure of earth and its composition – weathering of rocks – scale of weathering – soils - landforms and processes associated with river, wind, groundwater and sea – relevance to civil engineering. Plate tectonics – Earth quakes – Seismic zones in India.
Part – A
1. Define engineering geology.
2. Describe briefly the layers of interior of earth.
3. Define weathering.
4. What is meant by seismic zone?
5. What is physical weathering?
6. What is chemical weathering?
7. What is spheroidal weathering?
8. Define mohorovicic and Guttenburg discontinuity.
9. Define plate tectonics.
10. Define exfoliation.
11. Differentiate between water table and perched water table.
12. Define aquifer and mention its types.
13. What is meant by subduction zone? Mention its importance.
14. Differentiate aquifer and aquiclude.
15. Write about Mercalli scale.
16. Describe the interior of the earth.
17. Define confined aquifer.
18. Define unconfined aquifer.
19. Mention the seismic zones of India.
Part – B
1. Write in detail about the structure of the earth and its composition with a neat diagram.
2. Give an account on mode of occurrence and prospecting of ground water.
3. Describe in detail about plate tectonics.
4. Explain in detail about weathering of rocks and its engineering importance.
5. Explain in detail about the earthquake belts of India.
6. Write in detail about the scope of geology and importance of geology in Civil Engineering.
7. Explain physical and chemical weathering process in detail. Add a note on weathering grade and its engineering significance.
8. Explain the process associated with river. Write their engineering significance.
9. Explain the process associated with winds. Write their engineering significance.
10. Explain the process associated with sea. Write their engineering significance.

Download Link of CE6301 Engineering Geology 2 marks and 16 marks important questions => http://www.valliammai.co.in/qb/Civil/UG/3rd%20Semester/CE6301-ENGINEERING%20GEOLOGY.pdf
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