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BU BBM Entrepreneurial Management 2014 Question Paper

Bangalore University 5th Semester BBM Entrepreneurial Management 2014 Question Paper Free Download

Bangalore University
V Semester B.B.M examination, 2014
Entrepreneurial Management.
Time:3 Hours
Max: Marks: 100
Instruction: Answers should be written in English only

1. Answer any eight sub questions. Each sub question carries two marks (8x2=16)

a. Who is an intrapreneur?

b. State any two objectives of EDP.

c. What is a tiny industry?

d. What is a feasibility report?

e. Mention steps to prepare a business plan.

f. Expand AWAKE and TCO.

g. What are the factors which influence the selection of a region?

h. State any two objectives of small scale industries.

i. What is tax holiday?

j. Mention any two technical institutions fostering entrepreneur development.

Answer any 3 questions, Each question carries 8 marks. (8x3= 24)

2. Discuss various roles of entrepreneur for economic development.

3. Explain the product range in small scale industries.

4. How do you identify a business opportunity?

5. Discuss the need for business plan.

Answer Q.No.10 and any three questions, each question carries 15 marks (15x4=60)

6. Explain the different phases of entrepreneurship.

7. Discuss various functions of state level institutions.

8. Explain the problems faced by small scale industries in India.

9. Briefly explain the procedure to be followed and documents to be furnished while starting a small scale unit.

10. Discuss the various steps of business plan. 
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