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B.Sc. (FASHION DESIGN):HISTORY OF INDIAN COSTUMES ,Annamalai University december 2014 question paper

Annamalai University december 2014 question paper
(Common with, B.Sc, TD (OR))
Time: Three hours Maximum: 60 marks
 Answer ALL questions
(10×1 ½=15)
I. Fill in the blanks:
 1. ______ is the lotus shaped ornament for hair.
2. Armlet like a coiled snake is called________
3. The period between 130 B.C to AD 185 is a __________empire in the first
century AD.
4. ______is the second style in Kushan art.
5. Helmet with peaked top is called _______, sometimes with ear flaps.
6. Frock length tunic with long sleeves and round neckline is __________
7. ______ one with drum headed knot at ends.
8. In India, the Amazons, worn the crossed –at chest –belt is_______ with
metal backles.
9. Ghagri probably introduced by foreigners is also seen in the period
of_____ to be mainly used by dancers.
10. The ______ has become the Lehnger it is held first at the righted hip.
 Answer any FIVE questions
11. Explain about choli.
12. Explain –Kachcha.
13. Write about the saries styles of Gupta period.
14. Explain about hair styles in mideval period.
 15. Write about the Necklace of lambanam with neat sketches.
 16. Explain the costumes of Buddhism and Jainism.
 17. What is Kayabandh?
 18. Write about briefly Naga Prince (Ajanta, Caves) in satavahana empire
 19. Explain –Uttariya.
 20. Foot wears for woman’s in Kushan period.
 Answer any THREE questions
 21. Explain in detail with neat sketching examples of Men’s Dress and
ornaments at Ancient India.
 22. Explain the following with neat sketching of Mauriyan and Sunga period.
a) Court lady(Begram)
b) Milk maid(Mathura)
c) Female Guard(Gandhara)
d) Yakshi
 23. Explain the design and costumes in Salavahana Empire in India.
 24. Write about the details of Hair style , Jewellery and foot wears in medivel
period of Indian Traditional.
 25. Write about the significant development of garments, ornaments in
Gupta period from Kushan period.
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