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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bangalore University: BBM Corporate Governance Nov Dec 2014 Question Paper

V Semester Bangalore University, BBM Corporate Governance Nov Dec 2014 Question Paper - Free Download in Text Format

Bangalore University
V semester B.B.M examination, Nov/Dec 2014
Corporate Governance
Time:3 Hours Max: Marks: 100
Instruction: Answers should be written Completely in English only


1. Answer any eight sub questions. Each sub question carries two marks (8x2=16)

a. What is applied ethics?

b. Give the meaning of happiness.

c. What do you mean by exaggeration?

d. What is tax evasion?

e. Give the meaning of white collar crime.

f. What is ethical dilemma?

g. What do you mean by corporate climate?

h. What is hacking?

i. Give the meaning of consumerism?

j. State any two benefits of corporate governance.


Answer any 3 questions. Each question carries 8 marks. (8x3=24)

2. Briefly explain the principles of business ethics.

3. Discuss the ethics in marketing of goods.

4. What are the different cultural concepts? Discuss.

5. Explain briefly principles of corporate governance?


Answer Q.No.10 and any three questions, each question carries 15 marks (15x4=60)

6. Explain purposes of business ethics.

7. Explain the scope of corporate social responsibility.

8. Examine unethical practices in marketing.

9. Discuss the ways of prevention of computer crimes.

10. List out Narayana Murthy Committee recommendations. Comment.

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