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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Annamalai University B.Sc.Mathematics:INTERNET and Java Programming Question Paper december 2014

Annamalai University question paper december 2014
(GROUP-B: Ancillary)
(Candidates joined during 2010-11 and after)
Time: Three hours Maximum: 75 marks
 Answer any FIVE questions (5× 15=75)
1. a. Explain about various Browsers (7)
b. Explain the search tools in details. (8)
2. a. How to create and maintenance of website? (7)
b. What are the uses of chatting? (8)
3. a. Explain in detail about arrays? (7)
b. Write a java program using arrays concepts. (8)
4. a. Explain in detail about the looping structures. (7)
b. Write a java program for sorting of a given N number (8)
5. a. Explain in detail about the class and methods. (7)
b. Write a java program to find the student mark list multiple inheritance (8)
6. a. Explain about the packages with an example. (7)
b. Write short notes about string handling. (8)
7. a. Explain in detail about exception handling with suitable examples. (7)
b. Write short notes about Applet in Java (8)
8. a. Explain about I/O classes. (7)
b. Explain briefly about graphics and text. (8)

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