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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Annamalai University Question Paper,B.Sc.(MICROBIOLOGY): INDUSTRIAL MICROBIOLOGY

Annamalai University Question Paper December 2014
Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 marks
 Answer any TEN questions
(10× 2 = 20)
1. Amylases
2. Fermentation
4. Riboflavin
5. Cyanacobalamine
6. Beer
7. Butanol
8. Butygic acid
9. Citric acid
10. Agaricus
11. Pleuroting
12. Precipitation
13. Floatation
14. Filtration
15. Centrifugation
 Answer ALL questions
(5× 7 = 35)
16. a. Explain the industrially important strains.
b. Write about the screening methods of strains

17. a. Differentiate between submerged and solid state fermentation.
b. Distinguish between batch fermentation and continuous fermentation.

18. a. Explain the production of antibiotics.
b. Explain the production of beverages.

19. a. Discuss the development of button mushroom.
b. Describe the production of Baker’s yeast.

20. a. Explain the physical methods of breakage of cells.
b. Discuss the chemical methods of breakage of cells.
 Answer any THREE questions
(3× 15 = 45)
21. Give an account on strain development.
22. Expound the types of fermentors.
23. Elucidate the production of organic acids.
24. Explain the production of SCP.
25. Give an account on down stream process.

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