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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Annamalai University Question Paper,B.B.A. (MHRM)/B.B.A (ATHM):HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

Annamalai University Question Paper December 2014
December 2014
Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 marks
 Answer ALL questions
(10× 2 = 20)
Write short notes on the following:
1. Manpower planning.
2. Recruitment.
3. Succession Planning.
4. Management Institutions.
5. Performance appraisal.
6. Promotion.
7. Seniority Vs Merit.
8. Salary.
9. Stress
10. Sources of Employee.
 Answer any FOUR questions
(4× 10 = 40)
11. What is Human Resource Management? In what way it is similar and
dissimilar to personnel management?
12. Explain the significance and limitations of employment Interview.
13. What are the purpose of promotion and transfer?
14. Explain the desirable features of a grievance procedure.
15. Explain conflict management.
16. Explain the guiding principles of discipline.
 Answer any TWO questions
(2× 20 = 40)
17. Describe the objectives and process of Manpower Planning.
18. Explain the methods of performance appraisal.
19. What are the key issues in promotion? Examine the mechanics and
systems of promotion.
20. Briefly discuss the wage policies of India.

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